Humor wallpapers, funny backgrounds and comedy desktops with smiley face parodies, Osama Bin Laden jokes and the funniest pictures.
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  In this section you'll find all the humor wallpapers, funny backgrounds and comedy desktops you'll ever want. Just hit the sub-categories on the left for the different kinds of funnies. The list will keep growing, so come back often.
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  All the backgrounds in this section are real pictures to the best of our knowledge. You'll find high quality desktops of smiley face parodies, Osama Bin Laden jokes, the funniest pictures, weird fakes, and so on. All are funny, some are funnier, some are amazingly humorous, but none of them are boring.
   For now, all of these are in 800x600 and 1024x768 resolution sizes. If you're not sure what resolution your monitor is, check the tutorials to find out.
   If you want even more related stuff, check out the external links at the top right of each page. We're trying to fill them up as fast as we can.
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  If you have any pics that you would like to see here. Hit the email button and send them. We can't promise they will make it on this site, but the higher the quality the better.


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